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Welcome to studying at Namuna Computer has had a major impact in the lives of many students who wished to increase their knowledge, prospects and an all around development of their personality. Today also, it gives me immense pleasure to see young aspirants thronging in for admission with hopes of building their career and being successful in every walk of their life. ...

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Troubleshooting Motherboard Issues

Motherboard problems are rare. When a computer cannot start or freezes during use, the problem is usually related to another hardware component, such as a video card, or memory (RAM).

If you can identify the symptom the computer is showing, check the Troubleshooting specific symptoms . Follow the instructions in the section that matches the symptom.

If you cannot identify the symptom or do not see the symptom listed, go to the General hardware troubleshooting section for hardware and motherboard troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting specific symptoms

If you know the symptom the computer is showing, use the section that matches the problem to try and resolve it.

Windows does not start

The screen is blank when I turn on the computer

I hear beeps when I turn on the computer

I get an error message when I turn on the computer

The system freezes

General hardware troubleshooting

These sections provide information to help you determine if the problem is actually with the motherboard or if a different hardware component is causing the issue. Follow the steps, in order, until the problem is resolved.

Step 1: Using HP diagnostic software (HP Vision Hardware Diagnostics, Hardware Diagnostic Tools or PC-Doctor) to test for hardware problems If your computer was purchased after 2001, it probably contains a software program called Hardware Diagnostic Tools or PC-Doctor. These programs test the hardware components and provide useful information about any components experiencing problems.

Follow the steps in one of the following sections to use this program to test the motherboard and other hardware components for problems.

Testing the system using HP Vision Hardware Diagnostics in Windows 7

Testing the system using Hardware Diagnostic Tools in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Testing the system in Windows XP

Step 2: Resetting or updating the BIOS settings Incorrect BIOS settings can cause problems with the computer. Follow these steps to reset or update the BIOS settings:

Resetting if the computer turns on to the logo.

Resetting if the computer does not turn on

Updating the BIOS

Step 3: Reducing heat inside the computer

Many problems can be resolved by reducing the heat inside the computer, including the following:

The system freezes.

Windows stops responding.

When starting the computer, it often stops at a black screen and does not open into Windows. Windows usually stops responding when it does open.

Mouse and keyboard stop responding.

Windows 7, Vista, XP - Computer unexpectedly restarts or displays a blue screen.

Windows 95, 98, and Me - Frequent Fatal Exception, Illegal Operation, or General Protection Fault error messages occur in several software programs.

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  • Mr Kabi Raj Giri

    Namuna Computer was established with crystal clear motive to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn good computer and languages. Established in July 16th 2009 by group of experienced professionals, Read More »

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  • Mr Bhesh Mohan Lama
    (Graphic & Web Design)

    I am a successful Graphic and web designer at my own business thanks to Namuna Computer. I am very grateful to the faculty of this Institute for their efficient training and helping me to be what I am today. They supported me well even after completion of the training.

  • Mr. Raj Kurmar Ghimire
    (Hardware Student)

    Namuna Computer is conducting a very good training.The best part of their training is they provide training practically. The technical support given is also worth mentioning. Because of them, I am a very successful technician today.Thanks to Namuna Computer !

  • Mr. Bijaya Adhikari
    (Professional Office Package)

    I had joined for a mobile servicing course at a reputed institute, but couldn't learn as the staff was inexperienced and shrewd. I left in the middle as there was no hope. Then, I came to know of Namuna Computer but I was hesitant. After getting satisfactory replies, I joined. Today I am proud of my decision.

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